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Chifunabuli Has Been Gifted With A Surprise Gift.

Lusaka - 30th December, 2020.

Party politics have always eroded the tenets of democracy. Follow us on our petition for a symposium on alternative governance systems for Zambia: Today the Luapula Executive Committee was in Chifunabuli Constituency to discredit the current leadership much to the surprise of the national Patriotic Front leadership. Could it be that Mr. Musunga, the Provincial Secretary and Mr. Kapwepwe, the Provincial Youth Secretary, are trying to abrogate intra-party democracy by interfering in the deliberation of the lower party structures in Chifunabuli Constituency?

The Luapula Province Patriotic Front leadership must understand that party politics machinations lead to intimidation that eventually destroy democracy at lower levels. Politics should not be a self preservation tool but a vehicle for development. Let us condemn the self preservation mentality of people who not long ago campaigned against the Patriotic Front with the No Road, No Vote Campaign in Chifunabuli Constituency, only to turn around today to say the Patriotic Front is the party to support because Chifunabuli has been sustained as the PF stronghold under a well-known and tested leadership.

The Perpetual Use Of A Road In Chifunabuli Constituency As A Campaign Strategy.