EDITORS EDITORIAL: Lives over votes.

14 January 2018 Author :  

"At the stroke of Midnight in 2064, Our Children will wake up to the acknowledgement that ours was a generation of planners and implementers who laid a strong foundation for the Nation to prosper." President Edgar C. Lungu.

As we watch President Lungu wedge war against the Cholera epidemic on all fronts, we are reminded of the words of Zambias Health Minister, Hon. Dr Chitalu Chilufya on Nov. 14. 2017 . When he said.

"President Lungu is Carving out an admirable and extra ordinary legacy in the Health Sector. History will unequivocally place him as the most efficacious Head of State."

Dr Chilufya said these words in reference to President Lungus all round robust agenda of strengthening Health systems in the Nation, but his statement would prove to be true even in the wake of the Cholera epidemic that has claimed the lives of over 67 people and recorded over 2900 cumulative cases since it broke out on october 6. 2017.

We admire the interventions that President Lungu has put in place thus far in the fight against Cholera. We therefore give him a pat on the back.

Some people have said he is risking the PF votes in the next election by moving vendors from the streets and tasking the defence and security wings to cleanup the city as a heightened intervention in the fight against Cholera.

But we wish to agree with him and give him a further pat on the back for choosing lives over votes. This is assuming the votes will even be affected since a chat with several people on the streets has revealed that they are so happy that vending has been curtailed as it was a major inconvenience to other citizens in the central business district.

Word on the street is that finding a lasting solution to the issue of vendors by allocating them trading space in the correct trading areas has made President Lungu's ratings shoot over the roof and endeared him to the Citizens even further.

The filth that was in most markets and trading places that are scattered around Lusaka was one of the biggest cause of the Cholera Situation.

Cholera is a disease of dirt. Where dirt and filth are, there cholera will abound. And so a thorough cleanup as has been done and continues to be done in Lusaka is the best thing to have happened to this town since sliced bread.

We further wish to congratulate President Lungu on his many other abilities including appointing competent Ministers to manage respective Ministries.

One such appointment is that of the Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya who is executing his duties in the most commendable way. Described as a consumate professional by his associates, Dr Chilufya who is Chairperson of the Ministerial Committee tasked to handle the Cholera outbreak has inspired confidence in the way he is working tirelessly with his Collegue Ministers to bring an end to the Cholera epidemic as quickly and expeditiously as possible.

Briefings to the Press and through the Press to the entire country are being done on a daily basis at the Ministry to ensure the nation is constantly informed of what is obtaining on the ground as regards the Cholera Situation.

The Health Minister Invoked statutory instrument no. 79 (Public Health Act) effectively banning gatherings such as funerals, Church gatherings in the Epicentres and placing restrictions on trading hours in of bars to ensure there is no further transmission through contact. All these measures though viewed by some as being overly militant have displayed governments commitment to fighting the disease. Business premises found to be contaminated have been closed and re inspection is going on to ensure that they meet the standards before being reopened.

Minister of Local Government. Hon. Vincent Mwale has equally risen to the occasion ensuring that bars and night clubs that do not follow the stipulated opening and closing hours are closed and risk loosing their licenses.

Talks with Zambia National Farmers Union have yeilded positive results as new places for sale of farm produce are being identified.

The Church Mother Bodies have been enganged and the church allowed to congregate in non epi centres with the agreement that no congregants are bussed in from others areas.

The Minister in the Vice Presidents Office . DMM unit has been on hand to ensure various donations from well wishers being recieved on a daily basis are distributed to areas of need according.

All in all, the Multi Sectoral response to the Cholera Epidemic has lightened the burden on the Ministry of Health and proved that unity of purpose works wonders.

Though there is no significant reduction recorded in the Cholera Cases so far, the projection after all the robust interventions is that the outlook will improve significantly in the next one week.

At this point, we wish to encourage our fellow well meaning Zambians to join the Church and fast and pray for Gods intervention in the fight against Cholera as has been announced by the Minister of Religious Affairs, Hon. Rev. Mrs Godfridah Sumaili that a 7 days Prayer and fasting has been declared countrywide.

Finally we wish to agree with the Home Affairs Minister, Hon Stephen Kampyongo who has called on political parties to desist from politicizing Cholera . The disease is bipartisan and no one should seek to gain political capital out of an unfortunate situation such as this.


AN24 Web Editor
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